PhDs produced in the Mathematical Computer Science Group

PhD-student Supervisor Date Dissertation title
Rasmus Pagh Peter Bro Miltersen 11-10-2002 Hashing, Randomness and Dictionaries
Jesper Makholm Byskov Peter Bro Miltersen 11-11-2004 Exact Algorithms for Graph Colouring and Exact Satisfiability
Bjarke Skjernaa Peter Bro Miltersen 26-11-2004 Exact Algorithms for Variants of Satisfiability and Colouring Problems
Bolette Ammitzbøll Madsen Peter Bro Miltersen 09-09-2005 Exact Algorithms and Exact Satisfiability
Kristoffer Arnsfelt Hansen Peter Bro Miltersen 13-11-2006 Constant Width and Constant Depth Computation
Troels Bjerre Sørensen Peter Bro Miltersen 10-03-2008 Computing Equilibria of Two Player Games
Klas Olof Daniel Andersson Peter Bro Miltersen 31-10-2009 Perfect-Information Games with Cycles
Bjarke Hammersholt Roune Peter Bro Miltersen 17-08-2010 Monomial Ideal Algorithms: Connections to Numerical Semigroups and Scarf's Theory of Bodies
Rocio Santillan Rodriguez Peter Bro Miltersen 12-10-2010 Existence and computation of Equlibria in Auction Games
Thomas Dueholm Hansen Peter Bro Miltersen 07-09-2012 Worst-case analysis of strategy iteration and the simplex method
Rasmus Ibsen-Jensen Peter Bro Miltersen 04-11-2013 Strategy complexity of two player, zero-sum games
Navid Talebanfard Peter Bro Miltersen/Kristoffer Arnsfelt Hansen 17-11-2014 On the Combinatorics of SAT and the Complexity of Planar Problems