Visitor’s service

The visitor’s service is an offer to upper secondary schools and senior public school pupils – or others who would like to learn more about our degree programmes. In general, you can regard the offers mentioned on this page as a catalogue we can use to put together an academic event that precisely matches your interests and plans.


We offer different types of events, both at the educational institutions and the Department of Computer Science. Please note that you can combine a visit to the Department of Computer Science with other science subjects if you wish. You can read more about this at Visitor’s service at Science and Technology (currently in Danish only).


We hold lectures at either the educational institutions or the Department of Computer Science. The lecturers are young PhD students or tenured researchers at the university.


You can also come and attend a talk at one of the courses held at the Department of Computer Science.


A good way to get to grips with the subject is to take part in some practical exercises, where pupils solve different tasks alone or in groups. This could be relevant in continuation of a lecture or talk, for example. At present, we have not decided on any set exercises in the programme.

Other requests

If you have any other requests or ideas, we are naturally keen to be of service.