Aarhus University Seal / Aarhus Universitets segl


Head of Department

Kaj Grønbæk

Head of Department
P +4521495634

Deputy Head of Department

Kurt Jensen

Professor, Vice Head of Department
H 5346, 237
P +4587156129
P +4529905612

Chief Advisor & Head of Secretariat

Na Ree Sabina Pagaard Sørensen

Chief Consultant / Head of Secretariat
P +4523357280

Press Contact

Marianne Dammand Iversen

Research Group Coordinator
H 5346, 125
P +4587156147
P +4524471117

Søren Poulsen

Special Consultant
H 5342, 226
P +4587156131
P +4520951282

Sofia Rasmussen

Research Group Coordinator
H 5341, 221
P +4524424345

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Center for Advanced Software Analysis (CASA)
Center leader
Anders Møller
Email: amoeller@cs.au.dk 
Phone: +45 8715 6254
Web: www.casa.au.dk

Center for Interactive Spaces
Center leader
Kaj Grønbæk
Email: kgronbak@cs.au.dk 
Phone: +45 8715 6154
Web: www.interactivespaces.net

Center for Massive Data Algorithmics (MADALGO)
Center leader
Lars Arge
Email: large@madalgo.au.dk 
Phone: +45 8715 6284
Web: www.madalgo.au.dk    

Center for Pervasive Healthcare (CfPH)
Morten Kyng
Email: mkyng@cs.au.dk 
Phone: +45 8715 6228
Web: www.pervasivehealthcare.dk 


Participatory Information Technology Centre (PIT)
Center leader
Susanne Bødker
Email: bodker@cs.au.dk 
Phone: +45 8715 6148
Web: www.pit.au.dk