Hatch It Lab

- student entrepreneurship and startup lab at Department of Computer Science

Hatch It Lab is an experimental innovation lab and incubator environment based in Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University. The lab is targeted students in IT City Katrinebjerg who wish to start their own business. All students in IT City Katrinebjerg have the opportunity to apply for an office space in Hatch It Lab, including students in…:

Students have the opportunity to apply for admission at Hatch It lab in the last half of their master program as well as 12 months after completing their studies.
An open innovation environment for IT students
In Hatch It Lab students can develop their startup idea in a business-oriented incubation and innovation environment. The lab is closely linked to the IT research and educational facilities present at Aarhus University and IT City Katrinebjerg.
Hereby Hatch It Lab contributes to growth and innovation between students and companies in IT City Katrinebjerg. As an open innovation environment for IT students Hatch It Lab supports mutual sharing of knowledge and experience between students, startups, entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises as well as well-established and international companies in the IT industry.
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Ceptu aims to build easy-to-use services for the agricultural industry. Founded in 2014 by a group of computer scientists, the startup combines state-of-the-art satellite technologies with the ubiquity of smartphone, tablet and web applications to bridge the gap between research and the practical application of farming technology.

The company's app FieldSense helps farmers throughout Europe for the coming cultivation seasons, as descirbed in this business case (november 2016). In 2016, Fieldsense were mentioned as a business case in the Danish Space Strategy launched by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.


BioRemind is a digital refreshing to an analogue industry: By providing a platform for psychologists and therapists who wish to provide their treatment strategies digitally to their clients. The psychologist can fast and easy subscribe a customized app with their own content so the strategy is right at hand when the help and support is really needed.


MONTEM is a product development agency specialised in Internet of Things and smart consumer products. MONTEM design and develop products with and for the end-user in mind, based on current trends within research.

The people at MONTEM (Anders Høedholt and Christian Østergaard Laursen) have a strong interdisciplinary background in Computer Science and Product Design from Aarhus University and Aarhus School of Architecture.


Zeppelin Studio was founded in Vienna, Austria in 2013, by two students of the fine arts of Game Engineering. Using their own award-winning pilot project Schein as a stepping stone, Zeppelin Studio has succeeded in establishing a solid foothold in the international games industry.

The company is dedicated to delivering games with substance, where story, gameplay, art, and sound harmoniously intertwine.


Abrella is a weather startup creating intelligent sharing umbrella systems, giving people access to umbrellas on-demand. Umbrellas are free to use and circulates the city on selected pick-up and delivering spots.

Byparaplyen.dk are currently provided in Aarhus, Silkeborg and Herning, with more cities to come. In 2015 the Abrella-teamwon the Entrepreneur Award (Iværksætterprisen) in Business Region Aarhus, which is awarded to the most successful entrepreneurs in East Jutland.